Additions Vancouver WA

Expand your living space with home additions in Vancouver, WA.

Additions Vancouver WA

It can be difficult when you love where you live but need more room. You may feel like moving is your only option, but it isn’t. Home additions are all about expanding the space you already have. This can be accomplished in a wide variety of ways, and do them all. If you’re looking to keep the home you already have but make sure it can fit the new additions you don’t, a licensed general contractor from RJB General Contracting Inc can add the new additions your Vancouver, WA home needs to make it complete!

Get the house addition that’s right for you.

Garage additions and remodels: Increasing the size or renovating your garage into a living space is a great way to improve your home. We can turn your garage into a completely livable space and leave it complete separate, or attach your new unattached living quarters to the main home.

Mother-in-law-suites: Our contractors frequently build these as both attached units and separate structures. They can be made to be completely self-contained with electrical and plumbing systems. With a kitchenette, shower, bedroom and main room, you can rent yours out for a steady income stream!

Bump-outs and room extensions: We can build up or build out. Many homeowners choose to increase the size of shared spaces like family rooms. Kitchen bumps are another popular option. We can seamlessly match the larger room to the existing structure so you’ll never know it wasn’t built that way.

Room additions: Building a room addition is a great addition to a house. Whether you need an office, a bedroom for a new addition, a mud room, or sunroom, we can do it. We blend new construction with your home and provide complete electrical and plumbing services. When we’re done, you are move in ready.

Second story additions: Building up is another excellent way to get more form your home without sacrificing yard space. This is especially popular with owners of single story, or small homes. Adding a second story can completely revitalize the way you use your home and provides a lasting increase with a major addition to square footage, amenities, and possibilities.

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 Whether it’s a whole story or a room extension, we have the experience to make it seamless. We’ve been leading the way in Northwest weather proof home additions since 1988. Expand your house and keep your home. Call or contact us today.

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