Basement Remodeling Vancouver WA

Get more from your basement with remodeling in Vancouver, WA

A remodeled basement can provide you with a new office, recreation room, bedroom, or even an in-home apartment. The options are nearly limitless, so it’s important to choose a skilled general contracting company. At RJB General Contracting Inc our general contractors build stunning remodels and we have since 1988. There are factors in the Northwest that other climates don’t have. Ensuring a remodel can stand up to the elements is key. We’re with you at every step. The basement you’ve been dreaming of is just a phone call away.

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Because they are already disconnected from the home, many homeowners call on us to transform their basements into separate suites for family or rental purposes.

What are the most common basement remodeling ideas?

We see certain requests come up over and over again. The great thing about our custom basement remodeling in Vancouver, WA is that no matter what you have done, it will be original to your home. Room design is not created equally. We are masters at working within your budget to create the look, feel, and functionality you want. Some of the remodeling work we most frequently perform involve:
Basement Remodeling Vancouver WA

  • Custom storage additions: No matter what kind of room you want, we can build custom storage solutions for it. Designs can be as simple as inbuilt wall storage or a sliding bookshelf all the way to discrete or hidden appliance placement or blanket storage. Basement renovations are about what you want, whether it exists already or not.
  • Support beam integration: Not every choice is about tearing down or building up. Sometimes we put knowledge to work hiding integral room elements. Support beams cannot always be moved or removed. We are skilled at using these in new ways. Options include surrounding shelving or as a corner point for a room split.
  • Door and window installation: Many basements are doorless and windowless. As a separate addition to the home, this doesn’t work. We add in these missing features and replace existing insulation and vapor barriers in order to protect the room and keep in heat. Basement finishing isn’t complete if you’re losing heat.
  • New staircases and flooring: Basements frequently have poor flooring and unsightly staircases, especially when the stairs are in the center of the room. We can completely replace these with modern open stairs. Hardwood flooring and carpet provide a sleek and timeless look.

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