Bathroom Remodeling Vancouver WA

Transform the way you relax with bathroom remodeling.

Bathroom Remodeling Vancouver WA

Your bathroom is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the environment that sets the stage for your entire day. You use it to get ready in the morning, you use it to relax at night. The way your bathroom makes you feel is just as important as how it functions. Getting the most from it means having those special touches you want. That’s where our general contractors come in. At RJB General Contracting Inc we specialize in making your bathroom special.

Have you considered the benefits of a bathroom remodel?

There are some serious upsides to remodeling your bathroom that you may not have even considered. Some of the less obvious benefits you’ll enjoy include:

Bathroom remodeling in Vancouver, WA increases the value of your home. Next to kitchen remodeling, bathrooms offer the second greatest ROI. You aren’t just getting the bathroom you want, you’re making a valuable update to your home that retains its worth over time.

Our remodelers can reshape the way your bathroom uses space.  Bathrooms can feel cramped. The smaller it is, the more likely this is the case. We design bathroom remodels around the space available. Some ways to make your bathroom feel larger include adding large mirrors, changing fixtures like tubs and showers, reducing sink and vanity sizes, and adding skylights.

Replace your shower or bathtub. Bathrooms aren’t always designed around relaxation. If you have a significant other you share a bathroom with we can remodel it to better work for two occupants at a time. If you’ve ever considered a larger or spa tub or dual-headed waterfall shower, we can install it. You deserve the oasis you want. We can build it in the bathroom you already own.

Custom bathroom remodeling in Vancouver, WA is scalable.

Remodels are great because we can work within your budget to focus on the elements you want most. Available options are nearly limitless. Some of the most common renovations we make while remodeling a bathroom include:

  • Shower remodels
  • Cabinet replacing and refinishing
  • Custom vanity and new faucets
  • Floor replacements including tiling
  • Toilet replacements
  • Plumbing
  • Window additions
  • Light fixtures

Contact us to start remodeling your bathroom today!

Call us today to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to view the space, speak with you about your wants and needs in a remodel, and help you determine the best approach to get what you’re looking for. A bathroom remodel in your Vancouver, WA home is an investment. Make a smart one and call or contact us today!

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