Best Practices For Remodeling Your Kitchen

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What do you want your next kitchen remodeling project to say about you? After all, a kitchen should be more than new cabinets, updated backsplash colors, and top quality appliances.

At RJB General Contracting, we understand the kitchen to be where family and friends feel comfortable cooking, breaking bread, and sharing funny stories. Our job is to make your dream kitchen’s design, functionality, and feel into a reality.

RJB General Contracting, started by Robert J. Burrington, has been a local general contractor to Vancouver, Washington for 30 years. In that time RJB General Contracting has built, installed, and renovated kitchens, bathrooms, home additions, basements, and other general contracting projects.

Installations and Updates Make Your Kitchen Pop!


Backsplash trends, which change year after year, have a way of making a statement. Ceramic tile designs and colors of your backsplash should give your kitchen bold and eye-catching accents, or muted and delicate sheen.

Whatever your style may be, you don’t want backsplashes to become a difficult and time-consuming DIY project. Instead, RJB General Contracting’s hard work and precision in detail will give your kitchen the aesthetic qualities you want.

Countertop installation

So much depends upon a countertop’s integrity, sleek look, and smooth finish. For preparing food, and matching your interior, you’ll want to make the best decision for a quality countertop of corian, granite, marble, or finished wood.

We also do:

  • Island installation to utilize the space of your countertop
  • Appliance installation for microwaves, ovens, stoves, refrigerators and more
  • Window installation to give your kitchen a pleasing view
  • New fixtures and hardware to reinforce the heavy features of your kitchen.

Refinish Flooring and Cabinets

New flooring or refinishing

Your kitchen floor should be good for both cooking and dancing. Therefore, a shiny and refinished floor should be a top priority for any homeowner looking to revamp their kitchen.

Our workers know how to brighten your kitchen with a fresh new wood flooring finish, tiling, or other flooring choices.

New custom cabinets or refinishing

If your cabinetry and cupboards need updating or a complete overhaul, we can help. Along with refinishing and restoring cabinets to look mint condition, we also put fresh coats of paint on your cabinets to give your kitchen a new flavor.

For creating a new kitchen from scratch, we also install new cabinets in place of old and dated ones. Whatever your cabinet vision may be, we’ll bring it to fruition with quality craftsmanship and symmetry.

Contact Us to Get Started on Your New Kitchen

DIY kitchen renovation projects can be both time-consuming, expensive, and risky. Yet finding an experienced contractor to not only fulfill your vision of a new kitchen can be just as difficult.

At RJB General Contracting, we’ve kept up with the latest kitchen remodeling trends and practices for the last three decades. Our sterling reputation and honestly completed projects set us apart from all other local contractors.

Give us a call today for your next kitchen, bathroom, basement, or addition remodeling project. We’ll deliver your dream design, and provide your home with quality craftsmanship.