Contractor Vancouver WA

What does a contractor do in Vancouver, WA?

The average homeowner can relate the work of a general contractor most easily to a conductor in an orchestra. They are responsible for planning the build or remodel, acquiring specialists and permits, overseeing construction, and every facet of the job. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right general contractor. At RJB General Contracting Inc we’re locally owned and operated and have been making homeowners remodeling and new construction dreams come to life since 1988.

Are you enjoying the benefits of a local contractor in Vancouver, WA?

We’ve developed long-lasting relationships with local materials suppliers that let us get industry-leading products for less and pass the savings on to our customers.

What services does a general contractor provide?

Contractor Vancouver WA

  • Planning construction development with the client. We work closely with our clients. Your remodel or build is personal to you. That’s what makes the planning stages so important. We’ll help you determine square footage needs as well as the layout including positioning of appliances, hardware like sinks and toilets, as well as surface areas like countertops and custom storage. We draft blueprints for you, so you can see, approve, and make changes to the exact layout before construction begins.
  • Acquiring permits and scheduling necessary inspections. Commercial and residential construction projects require different permits and governmental inspections. We handle it all for you both before construction starts and after it is completed. As a local contractor in Vancouver, we know city codes, regulations, and how to navigate them inside and out. That saves you painful hours of research now, and potential pratfalls from incorrect filings later.
  • Sourcing, purchasing, and transporting materials. With a wide range of suppliers for materials like lumber, tile, stone, plumbing, wiring, and fixtures, there’s a lot to keep track of. We remove the burden to you and simplify the process. Our recommendations are based on manufacturer warranties and material reputations. That’s why we source building materials locally from suppliers who we already know stand behind their products.
  • Hiring subcontractors and overseeing construction. Subcontractors perform specialized work like plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. Who we hire depends on the build. That’s because we don’t hire general laborers, just specialists in their field. These are individuals we’ve personally worked with for decades. The quality of their work is the quality of our work and we only work with the industries best local experts.
  • Managing the build-site and ensuring timetables are met. We manage the build or home remodels from beginning to end—from pouring concrete for a foundation to laying tile in your bathroom and everything in-between. As a contractor, we know when to schedule work and how to orchestrate multiple teams on a site at once. Keeping a job moving forward is a careful balancing act. It’s one we’ve perfected over the years in order to create a tight, accurate workflow that gets your build completed on-time and on budget.

What does a general contractor’s insurance cover?

Workplace accidents shouldn’t be your concern.
If you don’t hire a general contractor, they will be. We are licensed and insured. That means our workers are covered by us, in the event of an on-site accident. Even something as simple as a sprained ankle can bankrupt your budget if you choose to oversee your own construction. Hiring RJB General Contracting Inc means you can spend your time excited for every new day, instead of worried about the job site. Don’t stress. Leave it to our professionals.

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We can’t wait to work with you. Helping homeowners achieve their dreams of a new home, larger home, or newly remodeled home is what we live for. The look on homeowners face when they experience a newly finished construction project or remodel for the first time is priceless. With our stringent quality control, material buying process, and specialized sub-contracting, we know they’ll get to enjoy it for decades to come. Call or contact us today, your dream home is waiting.