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A home remodel is the next step in property ownership. It’s turning the house you bought into the forever home you want. That makes choosing the right local remodeling company so important. You want expert general contractors who value their profession and work to build a lasting and beautiful new addition to your home. You want dedicated craftsmen who bring your ideas to life.  Achieving these ideals at an affordable price is the dream. At RJB General Contracting Inc we make that dream a reality. We can help you through the entire home improvement process, beginning with setting the specific remodeling plans in place, and ending with the precise final construction you hoped for.

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Remodeling your home is the easiest way to get the most from your residential investment. We’ll work with you at every single step so you get exactly what you want. That’s accomplished by a team of experts in home design, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, painting, and more. Whether you’re hoping to make minor additions to the finishes of your rooms or start major overhauls of your larger living spaces, we’ll help you accomplish the renovations of your dreams with precision and well-priced solutions. Just some of the most common renovations we perform include:

Basement remodelsBasements are versatile spaces, and with our extensive experience remodeling these rooms, you can transform your basement to get increased utility for your specific, personal needs. Whether you’re looking to increase your storage capacity or are looking to add higher-quality flooring and stairs to host guests in a more visually appealing space, we’ll help you bring the best out of your space.

Bump-outs and room extensions – Smaller scale additions to communal spaces and kitchens are great mid-tear projects that greatly improve the welcoming nature of these rooms to better host friends and families. We can seamlessly match the larger room to the existing structure so you’ll never know it wasn’t built that way.

Kitchen and bathroom remodels – Welcoming kitchen and bathroom spaces are essential to enjoying the everyday use of your home, hosting visitors, and increasing the value of your property. Whether you want to make improvements with smaller finishes and additions or you prefer to remake these spaces entirely, we’ll help you get through the planning, installation, and construction comfortably and affordably.

What are the benefits of remodeling my Vancouver, WA home?

    • Get more for your money. Why buy a new home when you can remodel and continue improving the one you already love?
    • Realize the custom features you’ve always wanted your home to have.
    • Give your home new value with a guest house, addition, or remodeled basement.
    • Transform your old home into a modern one including new hardware and amenities.

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Now is the perfect time to remodel your home. Our services increase the worth of your property while you get the features you’ve been missing. You already live in your new home. We can help you realize it. Call or contact us for remodeling in Vancouver, WA today.