House Plans Vancouver WA

House Plans Vancouver WA

Bringing House Plans to Life in Vancouver WA

On one hand, creating a house or floor plan is an exciting process in creativity that most people don’t get to experience too often. On the other hand, designing for just a single room, let alone an entirely new home, is a daunting challenge that presents lasting consequences if done wrong. Because unlike the short-lived design process itself, the end product isn’t something that can easily be changed.

That’s why it’s a good idea to involve an expert like RJB General Contracting Inc for all your design plans.

RJB General Contracting Inc is a full-service general contractor that can be called on for every phase of the construction and remodeling cycle – including design. Whether you need a brand new design for ground-up construction or a build-out that works from an existing design, our firm can help.

Here are some of the build-outs we’ve done from start to finish:

– Complete home construction
– 2nd-floor additions
– Basement remodels and wing extensions
– Kitchen and bathroom remodels
– Cabinet upgrades
– Electrical design and wiring
– Plumbing and fixture installation
– Interior and exterior painting
– Window and lighting additions
– Ground-up design and builds of secondary structures

What Is It About Creating House Plans?

While most people can usually get a good start on a general design plan, like anything else worth doing, the devil is in the details. And most of the time, it takes an experienced eye to catch those details.

For homes without one, an updated kitchen is usually a prime candidate for a re-design. But will a new kitchen work with the existing layout of your dining or living room? Would it a design make more sense if the kitchen also opened up into the surrounding rooms? These are the kinds of considerations that can be easy to overlook.

It’s easy to see how a design can snowball into something unmanageable without the right experience.

Floor Plans Vancouver WA

Balanced Design and Construction

RJB General Contracting Inc helps anybody meet the challenges of any design and build. With almost 30 years of general contracting experience, we help homeowners solve problems before they can even begin.

We always encourage homeowners to present their dream designs to us. Our team will work to incorporate all your design ideas while working within practical limitations. If there’s an idea that’s not quite in the cards, we work with you to find an alternative that accomplishes what you need.

Give us a call today and take the steps toward making your house plans a reality.